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Needle felt filter bag



Needle felt filter bag is a kind of economical disposable filter bag. It is made by acupuncture method. There is no hair removal on the surface of the filter material. The three-dimensional deep structure and hot flame seamless joint technology ensure the effective filtration and no leakage. It is suitable for medium and low viscosity liquid filtration environment. It has a stable and high filtration flow rate and can effectively intercept various kinds of hard and soft impurities. According to different filtration accuracy and filtration flow environment, the material of polypropylene, polyester, aromatic polyamide and other size of filter bag can be selected.

Needle felt filter bags are economical and widely used for pre-membrane prefiltration, amine filtration, electro-coating filtration, and syrup filtration.


1、Strict structure and no hair removal on the surface.

2、Hot melt seamless joint technology ensures no leaks and no chemical seepage.

3、Adapt to medium and low viscosity fluid environment, and high flow velocity effectively can intercept various solid and soft particles.

4、According to the customer's actual operating environment, aromatic polyamide and PTFE materials that can withstand high temperatures can be selected.

5、According to the actual operating environment of the customer, the plastic pressure- sensitive seal ring with better sealing performance or the economical and durable stainless steel ring and carbon steel ring can be selected.

*Actual flow and fluid viscosity, pore size of the filter material, filtration efficiency, etc., are closely related. If you have any questions, please call us.


Polypropylene             strong acid   weak acid   weak base   strong base   solvent    ˂90℃ 

Polyester                     strong acid   weak acid   weak base   strong base   solvent     ˂90℃

Aromatic polyamide   strong acid   weak acid   weak base   strong base   solvent    ˂90℃  

PTFE                            strong acid     weak acid     weak base    strong base    solvent  ˂90℃ 


1、API filtration

2、Syrup filtration

3、Raw water filtration

4、Amine solvent filtration

5、Powder filtration

7、Resin, solvent filtration

8、Lubricating oil filtration

9、Circula ting water filtration

10、Electrophoretic paint, electroplating solution filtration
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