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Nylon monofilament filter bag


Nylon monofilament filter bag of zhongyue is made of a nylon fiber mesh filter woven with a single fiber. The fixed aperture, fixed-value filtration, and accuracy range from 5μm to 1250μm. It can effectively block all kinds of large-particle. Nylon material can withstand higher operating temperatures. The fiber is not easy to deformed and its tensile strength is good.

Nylon monofilament filter bag has the advantages of high passing ability. It is suitable for occasions in which the requirement of filtration are not high, like filtering large particles, pre-filtering or coarse filtering, etc.


1、Nylon monofilament welding, not easily deformed, high tensile strength.

2、Mesh structure fixed aperture, fixed value filter, good stability.

3、Reinforced outer rims, making the seal structure more stable.

4、Suitable for filtration of high viscosity materials and hard particles.

5、According to the customers' actual operating environment, offer 1, 2, 3, 4 bags for options.

6、According to the actual operating environment of the customer, the plastic pressure-sensitive seal ring with better sealing performance or the economical and durable stainless steel ring and carbon steel ring can be selected.

7、According to the actual operating environment of customers, non- standard design can be provided.

* Actual flow and fluid viscosity, pore size of the filter material, filtration efficiency, etc., are closely related. If you have any questions, please call us.


Nylon monofilament   strong acid   weak acid   weak base   strong base   solvent   ˂170℃ 


1、Raw water filtration


3、Coarse filtration

4、Car degreasing filtration

5、Anti-corrosion paint


7、Cutting fluid filtration Circulating water Filtration

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