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Large contaminant capacity filter bag


Compared with the general needle felt filter bag, the large contaminant capacity bag uses finer and heavier fibers, which increases the porosity of the filter layer while maintaining the same low differential pressure. The thicker filter material increases the range of interception of particles, improves the capacity of contaminants and filtration efficiency. Its service life has increased by two to three times or even up to five times, which has effectively improved the process running time, reduced the frequency of bag replacement, and reduced the overall operating cost.

1、The fineness and thickness of the fiber improve the porosity of the filter

2、Layer and the range of intercepting particles, so that the dirt holding capacity and the service life are increased.

3、Reduce filter bag consumption and downtime, time cost for changing bags, storage and disposal costs, and overall costs.Strict structure and no hair removal on the surface.

4、Hot melt seamless joint technology ensures no leaks and no chemical seepage.

5、Adaptable to medium and low viscosity fluid environment.

6、High flow rate effectively to intercept various solid and soft particles.

7、Special surface heat treatment to reduce surface fiber shedding in the process of using.

* Actual flow and fluid viscosity, pore size of the filter material, filtration efficiency, etc., are closely related. If you have any questions, please call us.

Polypropylene   strong acid   weak acid   weak base   strong base    solvent    ˂90℃ 

Polyester           strong acid   weak acid   weak base   strong bas   solvent    ˂140℃ 


1、Raw water filtration.

2、Amine solvent filtration.

3、Electrophoretic paint, electroplating solution filtration.

4、Syrup filtration

5、Resin, solvent filtration.

6、Circulating water filtration.

7、API filtration

8、Lubricating oil filtration

9、Powder filtration

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