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Large-flow foldable filter cartridge



The large-flow foldable filter cartridge is a large-size, single- opening type filter element, which can be divided into general- purpose and high-temperature resistant types. Since it adopts the bag-type filtering flow, which is from the inside to the outside, and a unique foldable process, the filter cartridge can absorb high volume pollution, extend the service life, and reduce production costs. The flow from inside to outside can also reduce the risk of side leakage, making the filter precision more stable.

Zhongyue can also provide the customers with the options of absolute accuracy and the ultrahigh filtration efficiency to meet the high requirements of the working conditions.


1、Filtration precision: 1,5,10,20,40,70,100 (μm) 

2、Material of the filter cartridge: PP

3、Material of the framework: Enhanced PP 

4、Length: 20”40”60”80”

5、Overall diameter: 6”


1、Maximum Operation differential pressure: 3.5kg/cm 

2、Maximum Operation differential pressure: 80℃ 

3、Recommended flow: 50m2 /hr/40”


1、Food and beverage: Beer, liquor, high fructose syrup, soft drink, milk, juice, bottled water

2、Petrochemical Industry: Chemical plants, refining, amine, specialty chemical, petrochemicals, polymer, petroleum recycling, resins

3、Microelectronics: Semiconductor, process chemistry

4、Electricity generation: Nuclear power station, cogeneration

5、Water treatment: Reverse osmosis, reclaimed water system, process water, desalination

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