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Polyethersulfone foldable filter cartridge



Polyethersulfone foldable filter cartridge is made of asymmetric and high precision PES material. Its asymmetrical loose-compression-loose three-layer structure can effectively reduce the piezoresistance and increase the volume of dirt. It has a characteristic of large filtration area, low differential pressure and high filtration flow.

Because of the chemical resistance and hydrophilicity of the PES material, the polyethersulfone foldable filter cartridge can be widely used for precision filtration in the electronic, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.


1、Polyethersulfone has an excellent hydrophilicity.

2、Large filtration area, low differential pressure, and high flow. 

3、Three-layer structure of filter section (loose-compression- loose). 

4、There is no surfactant in filter. It can reduce the cleaning time.

5、Manufactured in a dust-free environment, and filter cartridge is of high-level cleanliness.

6、End cap and joints are sealed by hot melt and no adhesive.


Polyethersulfone   strong acid    weak acid    weak base   strong base   solvent 

Maximum Operation differential pressure: When it is 20 ℃ , 5.5 kg/cm2

                                                            When it is 80 ℃ , 1.7 kg/cm2

Maximum operating temperature: 80 ℃

External diameter 63mm, Inner diameter 28mm

Flow differential pressure table

Filtration efficiency table


1、Purified water terminal filteration;

2、Lotion filtration;

3、Precision filtration by photoresist;

4、Medical ethanol filtration;

5、Finished beverage filtration;

6、Aseptic filtration;

7、Solvent stripping。

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