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Polypropylene Foldable Filter Cartridge



Polypropylene foldable filter is composed of two layers of melt blown ultra-fine PP fiber filter cloths with different fiber fineness. It is folded in the inner and outer sleeves of PP. Its filtration area is much larger than that of standard deep-layer filter cartridge. And it has large filtration flow, dirt capacity, low differential pressure and long service life.

Polypropylene foldable filter cartridge is made of 100% pure polypropylene material certified by safety test. The absolute filtration precision is as high as 99.9%. It can be used for clarification filtration of liquid or prefiltration of membrane filter cartridge.


1、Double-layer structure, foldable film with melt-blown ultra-fine polypropylene, absolute filtration efficiency.

2、Filter area is larger than 0.5m2, large dirt capacity, and high filtration flow.

3、Low differential pressure, high flow, long service life, and less reduce replacement time.

4、100% pure polypropylene material, good chemical compatibility and wide application.

5、End cap and joints are sealed by hot melt and no adhesive.


Polypropylene    strong acid   weak acid    weak base    strong base   solvent 

Maximum Operation differential pressure:

                                    When it is 95℃ , 1.4 kg/cm2

                                    When it is 60℃ , 2.8 kg/cm2

                                    When it is 20 ℃ , 4.9 kg/cm2

Recommended replacing differential pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2

Maximum operating temperature: 95℃

External diameter 63mm/ Inner diameter 28mm

Flow differential pressure table (liquid)

Filtration efficiency table


1、Pure water pre-filtration

2、Washed liquid filtration

3、Developing solution filtration

4、Medium/Low-viscosity pharmaceutical liquid filtration

5、Beverage clarification

6、Cooling water filtration

7、Circulating water filtration

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