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PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge



PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge is made of 100% pure polypropylene. Its surface structure of deep pores and gradient filtration can disperse the water flow, reduce the flow resistance, and increase the capacity of the filter cartridge. The surface fiber structure is tough, not easy to be removed. The absolute filtration accuracy can be up to 99.9%. Its overall performance is significantly better than the similar melt blown filtration cartridge.

Absolute accuracy melt blown filter cartridge is highly effective in the aspects of pre-filtration and fine filtration in the automotive industry field.


1、The pore diameters directions are in gradient distribution. As ensuring the filtration accuracy and fine shape rigidity, it also reduces filtration resistance, decreases energy consumption, and extends the service life of the filter cartridge.

2、It adopts non-toxic and odor-free pure PP material, which can be directly applied to products related to drinking water and beverage. It does not adopt any adhesive or dissolvable material, either.

3、It has the resistance to mildew, acid, alkali, organic or inorganic solvents (except chlorosulfonic acid, concentrated nitric acid and strong oxidants).

4、The surface fiber structure is tough, not easy to be removed. The absolute filtration accuracy can be up to 99.9%. It has good filtration performance.


Maximum Operation differential pressure: When it is 80℃ , 1.2kg/cm2

                                                            When it is 60℃ , 2.1kg/cm2

                                                            When it is 20℃ , 4.2kg/cm2

Recommended replacing differential pressure: 2.1 kg/cm2

Maximum operating temperature: 80℃

Flow pdifferential ressure

Filtration efficiency table

Dust content table (g/10)


1、Pure water pre-filtration Electro-coating

2、filtration Developing solution filtration


4、pharmaceutical liquid filtration

5、Spray paint filtration

6、Cooling water filtration

7、Circulating water filtration

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