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Advantages of 2um melt blown filter element microporous precision filter

1、 Background investigation of precision filter

Guangzhou Panyu District Water Affairs Bureau has learned that at present, the water control projects in the district have been speeded up. As of March 9, 51 water control projects under construction in the whole district have been resumed, 50 of which have resumed work, with a resumption rate of 98%. The remaining one new water supply project has been put on record and is expected to start construction in mid March.

2、 Installation of precision filter

1. After inserting all the filter elements of the precision filter, remove the filter bag, fasten the pressing plate for fixing, and then install the metal cover;

2. The precision filter opens the vent valve on the top of the shell;

3. The precision filter slightly opens the inlet valve to make the liquid enter the shell until the liquid overflows from the vent valve on the top of the shell, and then close the vent valve;

4. Slowly open the downstream outlet valve of the precision filter until it is fully opened;

3、 Application of precision filter

Precision filter adhesive: except acrylic acid adhesive gel, except PVC agglomerate hot melt polymer filtration;

Lubricating oil of precision filter: the lubricating oil is filtered before packaging, and the lubricating oil is filtered by injecting filter agent;

Precision filter automobile manufacturing: electrophoretic paint filtration, hardener filtration, solvent filtration, pre packaging filtration;