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What is the difference between ppcotton filter element and PP melt blown filter element?

Ppcotton filter element is one of the most widely used filter elements. The PP melt blown filter element with the same name has a long service life due to its excellent chemical compatibility and strong pollution absorption ability, which can complete the filtration work in many fields.

PP melt blown filter element is made of 100% pure polypropylene particles, which is made by hot melting, wire spraying, traction and winding. The micro three-dimensional curved filter hole is formed by self-adhesive of polypropylene fiber, which makes it have higher filtration precision, larger flow rate, smaller initial pressure and higher filtration efficiency. The whole filter element adopts the structure of dense inside and sparse outside. When the filtrate flows through the filter element, the large particle impurities are intercepted on the surface of the filter element, while the small particle impurities are intercepted in the depth of the filter element, so that it can play a better filtering effect on the fine particles and large particles at the same time. The end cover is in the form of 226, 222 and plane, and the port is of triangle fin and flat head, which is compatible with most bag filters on the market. The long service life of melt blown filter element is also widely recognized, and it can be repeatedly cleaned and used (the filter element after cleaning can not reach the filtration efficiency when it is brand new, so it is not recommended to clean and reuse it, which can be determined according to the actual situation), and the economic performance is also very outstanding.

Ppcotton melt blown filter element in the medical industry, water treatment industry, electronic industry and other fields have very good performance.

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