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Polypropylene melt blown filter element with long service life and strong pollution tolerance

Zhongyue polypropylene melt blown filter element is produced by the international general process of gradual density from inside to outside, and the surface / inner layer / fine filtration intercepts impurities with different particle sizes. The interception capacity, service life and filtration quality all reach the best effect.

Product features:

1. The inner density and outer density structure can intercept impurities with different particle sizes in layers.

2. Large circulation, large impurity interception and long service life.

3. High self cleanliness, no pollution to water quality

4. In the production process, the fiber diameter and gap can be adjusted. The inner layer of the micropore is small and the outer layer is large, which increases the flow rate and enhances the pollution absorption capacity. The filter element is not easy to block and prolong the service life.

Material: polypropylene.

Filtration precision: 0.5u, 1U, 5u, 10u, 25U, 50U, 75u, 100u.

Temperature resistance: < 90 ℃

Size: length: 10, 20, 30, 40 inch.

Outer diameter: 62mm. Inner diameter: 30mm.

Product application: widely used in beverage, domestic water, ultra pure water equipment, oilfield water injection, chemical solution, electroplating solution and other process filtration.