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The difference between filter cotton and biochemical cotton

Primary air filtration industry:

The coarse effect air filter cotton is generally used at the suction inlet of ventilation equipment and air control system as the place where the pre filtration or coarse filtration directly contacts with the outdoor air;

It is suitable for various industrial applications, such as spraying industry, pollution prevention, public construction, air conditioning industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical factory, food industry, etc

It is made of polyester fiber carding and net laying hot air with the density of coarse filter cotton increasing step by step. It has the certification of en779, humidity resistance of 100% r.f. it can be washed and the temperature resistance can reach 80 ℃ / 176F. It is not flammable. It can automatically extinguish and meet the din53438 flame retardant standard: F1 filter object ≥ 5 μ m particles and foreign matters.

Product description of G2 coarse effect air filter cotton:

1. G2 coarse filter cotton mainly filters dust particles larger than 5 μ M;

2. G2 coarse filter cotton is made of high performance and high strength synthetic fiber structure;

3. It has the characteristics of high dust capacity, low resistance and strong flame retardancy;

4. It has long service life and can be used many times after cleaning, which is economical and practical;

5. It can withstand 99.999 ℃;

6. It meets the fire classification standard of Europe din53438-f1 and American ul900-class 1;

7. With paper frame and metal frame, it is used to make filter material of plate type primary filter, washable plate filter, paper frame filter, bag type primary efficiency filter and so on